Tawa Hotplate Elements

Airex Heaters is one of the leading manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers of Tawa Hot Plates.
The Hot Tawa is designed to heat all over the tawa within a short period of time. High-Quality materials are used to manufacture a hot plate.

The Airex Heaters' Tawa Hot Plate is also designed to be durable and long-lasting. Its sturdy construction means it can withstand high temperatures and regular use, making it ideal for home and commercial use.
It is available in different sizes to suit various cooking needs and can be customized according to customer specifications.

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Tawa Hot Plate Element

Tawa Hot Plate Element" offers a reliable and adaptable solution for cooking tasks that require controlled and even heat distribution. Whether you're cooking flatbreads, grilling, or sautéing, these elements provide the precise wattage and heat required for a successful culinary outcome. Tawa Hot Plate Element," with its customizable wattage, voltage, material, and diameter options, offers a specialized and efficient solution for cooking tasks requiring controlled heat. Elevate your cooking experience with these versatile and effective heating elements.


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SKU AE-16-19
Wattage 1000W, 1200W Customizable
Voltage 220
Material Mild Steel
Diameter (Inches) 7" Customizable
Master Packing 25 Pieces

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