Tiffin Warmer

The Airex heating element is a type of electric heating element that is commonly used in electric tiffins to heat food. This heating element is designed to convert electrical energy into heat energy, which is then used to warm up the food in the tiffin.

When an electrical current is passed through the wire, it heats up due to its resistance to the flow of electricity. This heat is then transferred to the surrounding environment, including the food in the tiffin.

The Airex heating element is a simple yet effective way to heat up food as electric tiffins are a popular choice for people who want a convenient and easy way to enjoy warm meals on the go.

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Tiffin Heating Elements

Tiffin Heating Elements is a purpose-built and customizable solution designed to enhance the convenience of your daily meals. Under the SKU AE-16-19, this offering brings practicality and efficiency to the domain of tiffin containers and meal warming. With a wattage of 100W, these heating elements offer gentle and consistent heat, perfect for keeping your tiffin meals warm and ready to enjoy. Operating at the standard voltage of 220, these heating elements seamlessly integrate into household electrical systems, delivering reliable and uniform heat to your tiffin containers. Constructed from GI (Galvanized Iron) sheet, these elements are designed to withstand the demands of daily use while providing effective heat distribution.

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SKU AE-16-19
Wattage 100W Customizable
Voltage 220
Material GI Sheet
Diameter (Inches) Customizable
Master Packing 25 Pieces

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