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Airex Heaters is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-density Cartridge Heaters, often considered "component heaters." Our Cartridge Heaters have a heating coil wounded on a ceramic core and are cylindrical-shaped, heavy-duty Joule heating elements. They are designed to provide localised and precise heating and are commonly used in the heating process industry.

Our Cartridge Heaters can operate at low, medium, and high watt densities and are capable of withstanding a working temperature of up to 1400°F. However, the optimal operating temperature will depend on the specific application for which you use the cartridge heater.

As a trusted Cartridge Heater supplier in India, Airex Heaters caters to the needs of clients across the country. We offer competitive pricing, superior product quality, and customizable options to meet the unique requirements of your application.

Airex Heaters is also a renowned Cartridge Heater manufacturer in Delhi, India. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, we have earned a reputation as a leading supplier of Cartridge Heaters in Delhi.

As experienced exporters, we supply Cartridge Heaters to various international markets, solidifying our position as top Cartridge Heater exporters in India. Moreover, as reputable Cartridge Heater suppliers in Delhi, Airex Heaters ensures timely delivery and excellent customer service.

Cartridge heaters are electric heating elements that are cylindrical in shape and designed to be inserted into a hole or cavity for heating applications. Here are some of the common uses and applications of cartridge heaters:

Industrial heating: Cartridge heaters are widely used in industrial heating applications such as plastic processing, injection molding, packaging machinery, and sealing equipment.
Medical equipment: Cartridge heaters are used in medical equipment such as sterilizers and incubators for heating purposes.
Aerospace: Cartridge heaters are used in aerospace applications for heating components such as fuel tanks, engine parts, and hydraulic systems.
Semiconductor manufacturing: Cartridge heaters are used in semiconductor manufacturing for heating components such as wafer boats, diffusion tubes, and furnace tubes.
HVAC: Cartridge heaters are used in HVAC systems for heating air and liquids.
Automotive: Cartridge heaters are used in automotive applications for heating engine blocks, oil pans, and battery packs.
3D printing: Cartridge heaters are used in 3D printers for heating the print bed and the extruder.

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High Density Cartridge Element

Low, medium, and high-watt densities can all be used with cartridge heaters. They can sustain operating temperatures of up to 1400°F because of their design. The application for which you are utilizing the cartridge heater will determine the ideal operating temperature. When using cartridge heaters at relatively high temperatures, the electric terminals should either be unique from the usual high-temperature lead wires or the cartridge should be constructed so that the temperature around the lead wires is kept below the lead wire's maximum operating temperature.


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Wattage 100W, 1000W Customizable
Voltage 220-240
Material Stainless Steel
Master Packing 25 Pieces
Size (Length) Customizable
Dia (Inches) Customizable

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