Porcelain Heaters

The Airex Porcelain Heater uses a durable, high-quality element that is known for its efficiency and long lifespan.

The porcelain heating element allows the Airex Porcelain Heater to heat up quickly, providing almost instant results. The Airex Porcelain Heater is compact and lightweight, making it easy to install.

Airex Heaters is being the most successful Porcelain Heater Manufacturers In India, have these types of heaters in different ranges from 32mm to 45mm and lengths going up to 48" depending upon the client's requirements. These may offer a large heated area for liquids or solids to be heated when inserted into a thermal well.

  • In water, foodstuff, oil
  • Anodizing and plating baths
  • Alkaline solutions
  • Processing of phosphoric acid and chromic acid
  • Alkaline solutions
  • Medium size ovens
  • Powder coating booths
  • Chemical and paint industry etc.

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Porcelain Heating Element

The Airex Porcelain Heaters are known for their high precision, performance, and durability.

These Heaters are extensively used in ovens, and tanks where draining cannot be done to change the heaters.

The porcelain Heater is constructed using several refractory ceramic blocks assembled together to the required length.

Porcelain heaters can also be used in direct air-heating applications without the protection tube.

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SKU AE-124-141
Wattage 1000, 1500, 2000 Customizable
Voltage 220-240, 415
Material Ceramic
Master Packing 25 Pieces
Klites Dia (mm) 32, 35, 45
Size Customizable

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