Mental Flask

Airex Heater's heating mantles are specifically designed to heat round-bottom flasks. Sizes range from 50 ml to 6,000 ml.

We offer cloth mantles for use on ring stands, soft-sided tabletop mantles, and metal-housed mantles. Our spherically shaped knitted fiberglass heating baskets provide stability and safety, while also allowing for premium surface contact.

  • Ceramic fiber insulation keeps the case cool
  • Built-in power controller offers convenience
  • Chemical-resistant polypropylene housing
  • Accepts 100 to 250 mL flasks
  • 230 VAC operation

A mantle flask is a laboratory instrument used for heating and stirring liquids. It consists of a flask made of heat-resistant glass or other materials, placed on a heating mantle, which is a device that uses an insulated heating element to provide controlled and uniform heating to the flask. The mantle flask is commonly used in chemistry and biology research labs for various applications such as:

  • Synthesis of organic compounds: Mantle flasks are often used in the synthesis of organic compounds, which involves heating and mixing various reagents in a flask to produce the desired product.
  • Reaction kinetics studies: Mantle flasks are used to study the kinetics of chemical reactions by heating the reaction mixture to different temperatures and monitoring the reaction progress over time.
  • Distillation and evaporation: Mantle flasks are commonly used for the distillation and evaporation of solvents or other liquids.
  • Polymerization reactions: Mantle flasks are used for the polymerization of various materials such as plastics, resins, and adhesives.
  • Heating and stirring of viscous liquids: Mantle flasks are useful for heating and stirring viscous liquids, which are difficult to stir manually.

Overall, mantle flasks are versatile and essential instruments in many laboratory applications, providing precise and controlled heating and stirring of liquids.

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Mental Flask

This Airex mental flask heating element is used in a medical lab, as a scientific instrument. Testing lab.

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Wattage 100W, 150W, 200W
Voltage 220-240
Material Nylon Floss
Master Packing 25 Pieces
Capacity  10ML, 15ML, 20ML


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