Titanium Chemical Heater

Airex Heaters has emerged as one of the topmost Titanium Heater Manufacturers in India. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with all the modern tools and the latest technology required to create premium quality products.

Airex Heaters is a prominent Titanium Heater manufacturer in Delhi, India, specializing in the production of high-quality heating elements. As a renowned supplier, we offer a wide range of titanium heaters that cater to various industrial needs. With a strong presence in Delhi, India, Airex Heaters has established itself as a trusted name in the heating industry.

Being one of the leading Titanium heating elements dealers in India, Airex Heaters ensures that its products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our dedication to excellence has earned us the reputation of being a reliable exporter of chemical heaters to different parts of the Globe. By providing competitive wholesale heating element prices across the globe, Airex Heaters has become the preferred choice for businesses seeking cost-effective heating solutions.

Airex Heaters efficiently fulfill bulk orders while maintaining quick turnaround times. Whether it's for industrial applications or commercial purposes, Airex Heaters delivers reliable and efficient Titanium chemical heaters, making them a trusted wholesale chemical heater supplier in India.

Major Qualities Of Our Titanium Heaters:

Energy Efficient - They are energy efficient and their long-term use will result in a lot of savings.

Accuracy - In most cases, the sensor is far from the heating element which gives it greater accuracy in controlling the temperature.

Durability - Titanium Heater is highly durable owing to the material used in manufacturing them. You can expect a longer working life from them.

Our Titanium Heater has various standards and benefits that help you. Check the list:

  • Offer high flexibility
  • Have excellent heat transfer property
  • Have a supreme-quality heat source
  • Operating cost is economical

We provide services to numerous sectors of the economy that operate using various types of titanium heaters. We offer expert, secure heating solutions that are as dependable as they are long-lasting for everything from metal plating to aquaculture.

Hydrochloric Acid Heater For Plating
Titanium heaters are used in the metal plating sector to heat hydrochloric acid solutions.
Galvanizing and Wire Industries
Flux contains zinc chloride and ammonium chloride, two corrosive substances that need to be handled carefully. Our titanium heater resists corrosion from these two chemical compounds to get the job done.
Commercial Aquariums and Aquaculture
Titanium heaters are the best option for commercial aquariums, aquaculture operations, and fish farms since they are resistant to corrosion in both freshwater and saltwater.
Desalination Heater For Ships
Large vessels require desalination titanium water heaters for their onboard systems.
Steel Pickling Heat Exchanger For The Steel Industry
Titanium technology is a must-have when it comes to steel pickling. Titanium heater’s anti-corrosive properties allow for immersion heating of corrosive acids.

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Titanium/Chemical Heating Element

 Airex Brand Titanium/Chemical Heating Element is a high-quality industrial heating device designed for various applications. It is specifically engineered to offer excellent efficiency and performance, utilizing the latest technology and constructed from premium-grade materials.Airex Brand Titanium/Chemical Heating Element is a versatile and high-performance industrial heating solution. Its use of high-grade materials like titanium, advanced heating technology, and customization options make it a reliable choice for various industrial processes where efficient and precise heating is required. Whether you need to heat corrosive chemicals or maintain a specific temperature in an industrial setting, this heating element can be designed to meet your needs.

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SKU AE-93-97
Wattage 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W Customizable
Voltage 220-240
Material Titanium
Master Packing 25 Pieces
Size (Length) 12'', 18'', 24", 30", 36" Customizable
Dia (Inches) 8.7mm

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